• Corporate website

Chemreactor Company is one of the leading Russian suppliers of quality reconditioned used equipment: Chemical reactors, tanks and shell-and-tube heat exchangers. The company has been working at the market of chemical equipment for more than 15 years with the extensive delivery geography all over Russia.

The customer approached our company with the following task: It was required to develop a corporate website for an equipment supplier with a unique and modern design and a developed equipment catalog, for easy promotion of each product using contextual advertising and SEO.

We analyzed the current website of the company and identified different problems: the website looked outdated and not trustworthy for customers. An analysis of user interaction with the website showed that potential buyers perceived the company not seriously and as just another “reseller”. This problem had to be resolved. Further, due to the lack of a catalog with clear navigation, it was difficult to find the proper product. This not only reduced the conversion, but also blurred the channel statistics.

We studied the main competitors in the area of chemical equipment suppliers in various geos: their positioning, strengths and weaknesses, traffic sources. For many equipment vendors, the trend remains: an outdated website, with complex navigation and hard to understand information.

  • 2021