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Your products and services on the B2B market using internet marketing
For example: industrial equipment
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Partner and certification
Partner and certification
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Kozlov Marketing

We know Your problems

Most companies share common problems that ruin its business

There is no lead generation system
Chaotic using of one or several marketing instruments without creating a strategy cannot lead You to enough leads.
Alexey Kozlov
300 Visitors per day
1,5 Leads per day
  • Launched advertising, but there is no leads
  • There is paid advertising and leads, but no sales at all
  • A poorly designed website that doesn't bring enough leads
There is no systematic development in marketing
The system is achieved when there is a complete understanding at each moment what is happening with your business, how the sales and marketing departments  operates.
Alexey Kozlov
  • Сompetitors who grow faster and stronger
  • Difficult market and niche, there is no understanding if the internet marketing is fit for You
  • It'sdifficult to control Your Marketing department
  • There is no understandings how to increase marketing
  • You launched some marketing instruments but there is no system in Your marketing
  • Your clients disappear after first contact with Your company
There is no automatization and analytics
You can only improve what you can count. Without digitization of indicators and detailed analytics, the development of the company will be impossible.
Alexey Kozlov
  • There is no any web analytics, it is not clear how to calculate and monitor the result
  • Everything is doing manually and takes a lot of time
Your sales department shows unsuccessful result
Marketing and sales departments cannot operate separately from each other. Working closely with the sales department and receiving constant feedback from the sales department is guaranteed to increase the company's revenue and profits.
Alexey Kozlov
345 Leads per day
456 Sales plan
5 Sales
  • The eternal struggle between marketing and sales: the sales department says that "the leads are of poor quality", and the marketing says that the sales department does not sell well
  • The sales department cannot convert the leads into sales

We know what you want

  • To increase the number of leads
    To get a constant growth in the number of hot leads every day
  • To get return the customers
    To develop a loyalty system and word of mouth
  • To increase profits and sales
    To get a constant growth of the company's net profit
  • To develop strategy with goals and results
    To get a step-by-step development strategy with goals and results
  • To get a Website in several languages
    To get a converting website that is made of 100% marketing and in multiple languages
  • To stay ahead of the competitors
    To track competitors' actions and stay one step ahead
  • To get an effective work of sales and marketing departments
    To make a marketing and sales cooperation very effective
  • To automate sales and marketing cooperations
    To simplify sales and marketing work and control as much as possible
  • To get a transparent analytics and reporting system
    To get a transparent analytics and reporting: with return of investment, forecasts and a plan for the future
  • To represent the company in social networks
    To represent the company in profitable social networks
  • To get the marketing that works for you
    To get the marketing that works even in the most complex and specific niche
  • To get a guarantee of result
    100% guaranteed return on investment, in case of full implementation of all recommended tools

Marketing for the future

Increasing sales is another part of our job. The main goal is the long-term development of your business despite of any crises and changes in sales market. We specialize on transparent and objective information.

We bring Your company into the international markets

We meet a large number of unique products that are presented only in local markets and do not use the potential of the global economy. We know how to sell internationally and ready to fully take over the issue of international sales of your company.
International advertising
Advertise Your company in Europe, USA, Asia and around the world
Sales department with foreign employees
Get a sales ready department with foreign employees
Own sales representatives
Your own sales representatives in different countries
Your own office in another country
To set up your own office in another country
Cooperation with export centers
Well-established cooperation with export centers in different countries
Tender sites
Well-established work with foreign tender sites
Partners in different countries
Your own partners in different countries

How we achieve the best results for our clients

Learn more about our key project milestones
  • We study and analyze
  • We make the company positioning
  • We develop a strategy
  • We create a converting website
  • We create a lead generation machine
  • We improve the sales department
  • We maintain the company's performance at a constant level
We study and analyze
Our work is carried out only based on objective data. Therefore, before doing something, we study competitors, the market, seasonality, and demand structure, we learn everything about your products and the needs of the target audience. Based on the data, we draw up customer journey maps for all types of customers.
We study and analyze
We make the company positioning
The correct company positioning is a shortcut from you to your client. We will make the positioning of your products with the maximum result.
We make the company positioning
We develop a strategy
We set up specific strategic goals for the development of the company and goals at each stage of the marketing system: branding, attraction, engagement, retention, return, create a media plan (detailed calculations of conversions and payback for each paid advertising channel) and a forecast of the payback of all used tools and marketing in general.
We develop a strategy
We create a converting website
A website that is 100% consist of marketing! Where the structure and logic are thought out, where there is an accurate understanding of the client's movements on the website, so that the client accurately leaves a lead and buys. Where thoughtful design and positioning will force the client to return to the website with new leads.
We create a converting website
We create a lead generation machine
We use the most effective and modern tools for attracting and engaging customers, increasing the number of leads and the number of sales.
We create a lead generation machine
We improve the sales department
From setting up a turnkey sales department to optimizing your current sales department and reaching the targets you need. We develop sales scripts, sales funnels, create meeting scripts, develop incentive systems, develop a reporting system.
We improve the sales department
We maintain the company's performance at a constant level
After launching the strategy, we are engaged in supporting the website, advertising channels and marketing in general. We constantly analyze and make operational adjustments based on the result of objective data.
We maintain the company's performance at a constant level

Our services

  • Corporate websites
    High converting corporate websites design and development
  • PPC services
    Contextual advertising or PPC
  • SEO optimization
    Internal and external website optimization
  • SMM
    Representation and promotion in social networks
  • Analytics
    Visual dashboards with Analytics
  • Email-marketing
    Automatic and triggered emails
  • Webinars
    Turnkey creation and promotion of webinars
  • Youtube
    Video creation and promotion of Youtube channels
  • Polygraphy
    Creation of printing and presenting materials
  • Mobile Marketing
    Turnkey advertising to mobile devices
  • Working with reputation
    SERM - a range of services for working with reputation
  • Other tools
    Other promotion tools
  • Building a sales department
    Building a turnkey sales department
  • Automated sales funnels
    Creation of automated turnkey sales funnels
  • CRM implementation
    Turnkey CRM implementation
  • Internet Marketing courses
    Integrated Marketing and Sales Training Course
  • Bringing of companies to international markets
    We will bring your company to international markets
  • Audit of marketing contractors
    Audit of marketing contractors
  • Improving sales departments
    Improving existing sales departments

Our clients

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  • Analytics
  • Corporate website
  • PPC-advertising
  • Promotion strategy
  • Sales optimization
Termo-Nord Stream
B2B industrial equipment
for heat recovery
Termo-Nord Stream
Termo-Nord Stream
7909 ₽
1204 ₽
  • Analytics
  • Consulting
  • Corporate website
  • Promotion strategy
Design and manufacture of equipment for heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Corporate website
Supplier of quality remanufactured chemical equipment
  • Consulting
  • Corporate website
  • Promotion strategy
Satanovskiy Group
One of the most successful real estate agencies of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region
Satanovskiy Group
Satanovskiy Group
  • Corporate website
Anastasov Group
The company is engaged in professional repair of apartments and country houses in St. Petersburg and the region
Anastasov Group
Anastasov Group

Our motivation

We like to bring small companies into international markets, expand local business to international. This is always a personal victory for us. And profit. After all, what is beneficial to you will be beneficial to us.
Alexey Kozlov
Alexey Kozlov
Marketing, founder
Anton Razumeev
Anton Razumeev
Design, co-founder

We guarantee

For the growth of leads and sales, we carefully work out strategies for our clients. If, according to the strategy, you do not receive an increase in leads and sales, according to all the specified recommendations and tools, we will return to you the money you spent on creating of ppc.
Detailed warranty conditions are described in the contract
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