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Termo-Nord Stream

Termo-Nord Stream

The company “Termo-Nord Stream” is a leading Russian manufacturer of heat recovery systems and other types of heat exchange equipment.
Termo-Nord Stream specializes on customized industrial heat exchangers
and heat transfer systems for factories in Russia, CIS and over the world.

The Termo-Nord Stream LLC company contacted us at the beginning of 2019. Until the beginning of 2019, they experienced with a hot lack of incoming leads, but also the lack of a properly built marketing and sales system.

They already worked with different marketing agencies but the result was absolutely unsuccessful. The whole complex of b2b sales were carried out only through excel tables, which were inconvenient to maintain, there were many mistakes and it was absolutely impossible to conduct analytics either on the sources of leads, or even on their exact number. The leads were lost, forgotten and simply disappeared. Millions of rubles of perspective profit were lost at the very beginning. The lack of a crm-system did not allow to lead the customers through the sales funnel, the sales process itself was unsystematic, the task’s deadlines and dates of the next call were not controlled, all communications with customers were carried out at an intuitive level. There was no exact digitization of the business, so many decisions were made without relying on exact numbers.

The work with Termo-Nord Stream LLC began with a detailed study of the current state of the company in terms of marketing, sales and finance. Together with a team of experts, we studied in detail the sales reports, maintaining the current customer base, the work of the sales department, data on incoming leads, their processing, sources, conversions at each stage, and studied the financial performance of the company.


  • To create a new website
  • To create contextual advertising (Yandex and Google advertising)
  • To implement a crm-system with the right sales funnel and the necessary analytics
  • To grow SEO
  • To create email-marketing
  • To implement online widgets and online quizzes
  • New presentations and cross-industry printed materials in Russian and English

After conducting a detailed analysis of the state of affairs of the company, we conducted a market analysis and a detailed analysis of competitors. We analyzed the marketing system of the company: “branding, acquisition, engagement, retention and analytics”. Based on analysis and audit, we have set precise business and marketing goals for the year and 3 years ahead. We prepared a detailed digital-marketing strategy for Termo-Nord Stream LLC, including a detailed media plan, full competitive analysis, customer journey maps by segment, marketing budgets and a payback forecast.

Among the main promotion tools we chose the following:

  • Websiteas the main marketing tool
  • SEO
  • Contextual advertising Yandex and Google advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email-marketing
  • Webinars
  • We implemented a CRM system, where processes were scheduled and automated, a sales funnel was built and implemented.
  • We built detailed analytics based on “roistat”, we introduced call- tracking and email-tracking
  • We Integrated the processes of photographing equipment on the site
  • We made a main company’s video also on Youtube channel
  • All presentation printing materials have been created
Based on the analysis of the current site conversion rates, analysis of user behavior on the website, questioning of the company's clients, it was decided to completely redesign the company's current website (Russian and English versions).

The new website was designed from scratch with a new structure, sections, meets the expectations of all segments of the target audience.
Structure of the website was formed on the basis of the collected semantic core, analysis of the needs of the target audience.

The task of the design is to make the site “alive” and even show such a simple equipment in dynamics and “let life into it”

Since the products are promoted and sold not only to the markets of the Russian Federation, but also to European countries and foreign countries, it was decided to also create the English version of the website.

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1204 ₽
  • 2019