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Satanovskiy Group

Satanovskiy Group

Oleg Satanovskiy is one of the most famous and top realtors in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. All those who have gone to him to buy a comfort-class apartment in new buildings, recommend him to their friends and relatives.

Oleg approached us to the agency with the following task: It was necessary to develop a website for a real estate agency, which was of a quality superior to many competitors in Russia, highlighting its image and status.
  • In order to solve the assigned tasks we collected and analyzed the websites of real estate agencies and private realtors in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. We worked out positioning and developed high standards of website design to emphasize not only the image of Oleg's real estate agency but also the properties themselves.
  • As part of the work on the project was developed a detailed promotion strategy for the real estate agency.
  • We analyzed the current sales funnel in crm and the main segments of customers.

To solve the problem of getting organic traffic to the website and for further advertising of the objects, it was decided to develop a catalog of real estate on the site with filtration and a separate landing page for each property (they are more than 60pc).  

The next step will be to promote the agency through various traffic channels.

  • 2021