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Tecnoclima S.p.A. founded in 1973 by Alfonso Vescovi. The headquarter is located near Trento in northern Italy. The company is an expert in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. TS Group Energia LLC is a subsidiary and the official Russian representative office of Tecnoclima S.p.A.

Tecnoclima S.p.A. contacted us at the mid of 2020 under the recommendation. Their request was to completely redesign the website, since on the one hand the site was very inconvenient for users, on the other hand the website brought very few leads. The reputation of the company both in Russia and in the international arena suffered from a bad website. The terms were very important for the client, so it was necessary to develop a ready-made website and strategy in 3 months.
Working with Tecnoclima S.p.A. began not only with the preparation of designer prototypes for the new website, but with a detailed study of the current state of the company in terms of marketing, sales and finance. Website development is a process of in-depth study of a company's marketing, market research and competitor research. The new website consisted of 100% marketing, taking into account the necessary structure, high conversion elements and fueled the client at every stage of the creation of the customer journey map.

Before starting the development of the website, we created a complete detailed strategy for promoting the company, including a detailed media plan, a complete competitive analysis, customer journey maps by segment, marketing budgets and a payback forecast.

All work on the development of a turnkey website and the creation of an email marketing strategy was completed on time!

After developing the site, the client made a decision to implement all electronic marketing tools, implement a marketing and sales system to receive more leads and revenue.

The implementation of the strategy is scheduled for 2021.

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